Goa public gambling act

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Protection of action taken in good faith.

On conviction for keeping or gaming in common gaming-house, instruments of gaming may be pkblic or forfeited. We have sent you a verification email. From around the web Looking for premium traffic in India? Your reason has been submitted to the Admin. Music, movies, women drivers: From Russia, with love.

"Goa needs a suitable amendment to section 13 A of the Goa Public Gambling Act, to define clearly the term offshore so that casinos do. The Goa, Daman And Diu Public Gambling Act, [Act 14 of ] [30th July, ] AN ACT to provide for the punishment of public gambling and the keeping. further to amend the Goa Public Gambling Act,. (Act No. 14 of ). BEit enacted by the Legislative Assembly ofGoa in the Sixty-third Year of the Republic.